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Can Africa save herself?

Some argue that Africa should have remained under colonial rule. Post-colonial freedom was met with a lot of uncertainties. These were civil wars, constitutional referendums, elections, exiles, political prisoners and overall economic woes. Below is a brief biography of Equatorial Guinea 🇬🇳. A country that went through death to rebirth and has never looked back.Continue reading “Can Africa save herself?”

Nkatha’s World💖

Nkatha is a Kenyan name adapted from the Ameru community who reside on the slopes of Mt.Kenya. The Ameru are from the Bantu community. The Bantus are also found in Eastern, Central, and South Africa. When growing up, I was told that Nkatha meant a dignified rich, and prosperous woman. When I was older, IContinue reading “Nkatha’s World💖”

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